At every stage of life, from the uncertainty of youth to the reflections of later years, we all seek a sense of purpose and understanding.

Healing Horses specializes in 'conscious transitions,' guiding you through pivotal moments of self-discovery. Whether you're a high school student stepping into a vast world, someone in the middle of a midlife reassessment, or anyone seeking more profound meaning, our approach is tailored to help you truly 'come into yourself' to find and recognize your purpose.

What we do...

Healing Horses offers a journey bridging you to nature and your inner self. Through experiences with horses, unearth hidden strengths, shed old beliefs, and discover your purpose. Set the stage for a more meaningful journey and a renewed sense of excitement and possibilities.

Perfect for individuals, groups, and families seeking clarity and connection.

Science behind the connection

Horses can profoundly heal both our body and mind.

According to scientific research, the electromagnetic field of the human heart can be detected over a meter away from the body in all directions. The electromagnetic field of a horses’s heart is 5 times greater, creating a large, sphere-shaped field that completely envelopes us.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) data shows that horses may be able to synchronize our brain state, allowing us to function at our best.

This might explain why simply being around horses can improve our sense of well-being.

What can I expect?

Healing Horses rests in the lush mountains of San Isidro de Heredia, on the fringes of one of Costa Rica's most expansive national parks.
Through a carefully designed sequence of experiences with horses, navigate the challenges of life. Horses have a special way of connecting with us that goes beyond what conversations can achieve. They touch parts of us, like our energy and feelings, in a unique way that brings clarity and hope to our present moment. Through these experiences, people often find a stronger bond with their true selves and a clearer sense of purpose. In moments of uncertainty or fear, these encounters can bring answers, a sense of empowerment, a deeper connection to what truly matters, and set the stage for a more meaningful journey. Grounded interactions with horses pave the way for personal insights.

Our program is experiential and requires no prior knowledge of horses, as we work with them from the ground.

What is Equine Gestalt™?

Gestalt theory suggests that, much like the glass pieces in a kaleidoscope of color, every part of self we develop through time makes up our unique, present self. Rather than analyzing behaviors, this approach believes unresolved emotions reside in our body. By tuning into our physical sensations, we can recognize and release old burdens, returning to a state of wholeness.

Horses, with their innate ability to sense danger, are finely tuned to subtle electromagnetic frequencies, including those of our emotions and thoughts. While humans often miss these nuances, horses don't. The Equine Gestaltist™ harnesses this sensitivity, guiding clients alongside horses to restore mental and physical harmony. Being near such a majestic creature elevates clients to a heightened state of mindfulness and presence, enabling a clearer connection to their authentic Self.