About the Founder -
Charlene Music

After studying at Harvard and Stanford, I started my career as a documentary filmmaker traveling around the world shining light on humanitarian causes like gender-based violence, homelessness, and the challenges of immigrants and incarcerated women.

When I became a mother my life changed. I went through a pivotal transition of my own. I moved home to Costa Rica to raise my children and fulfill my childhood dream of raising horses, starting with a single breeding mare. To feel more connected to her I began to practice natural horsemanship, learning to communicate with the signals horses use in the wild. And as I grew on this path, we bred three beautiful foals.

Living with my horses helps me every day. When I spend time with them, I feel calm. They center me, bring me peace, and I am a better mother and a better partner because of them. Witnessing their transformative power inspired me to find a way to share this healing experience with other people. I am now certified as an Equine Facilitator and am in my second year of trauma-informed studies and in-person training in the U.S. as an Equine Gestaltist®.

My mission is to support individuals on a path of self-discovery through a healing partnership with horses — helping them shed emotional burdens and limiting beliefs, align with their core values and life purpose, and act from a place of strength, self-awareness, clarity, inner freedom, compassion, and trust in Life.  

If you are interested in Charlene’s documentary film work you can visit www.boundlessmedia.org